Your Mineral Advisor – A Professional Services Expert Just like a Lawyer or a Real Estate Agent

How many professionals do you hire during any given year? A few, five, or maybe ten? Let’s see….lawyers, realtors, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, veterinarians, insurance agents, financial advisors, cpa’s, and the list goes on! We have learned that we cannot know enough about certain areas of business and life, so we hire someone who specializes in that area. Even professionals in a specialty may hire someone who is even more specialized in elements of the same specialty, such as a business attorney hiring a litigation specialist, a dentist sending you to an oral surgeon, or your cpa sending you to an estate planner. Why? Because we learned that it is wise to do so.

Isn’t it curious why people have used lawyers since ancient Greece, and realtors for over a century in America, and yet, mineral and royalty owners are still trying to manage, lease and sell their minerals themselves? At a time when new technology has created an oil and gas boom, bringing mineral values never seen before, the vast majority of mineral owners have tried to navigate this financial whirlwind by themselves, or by asking oil and gas related questions of their attorney, cpa, or banker, which those professionals are not prepared to answer. Would we ask our dentist about chronic back pain, or would we ask our insurance agent how to complete a tax return?

The obvious answer is that the mineral owning community needs trustworthy mineral advisors to assist mineral owners in the management of their mineral estates. Caple Royalty Services was created to bridge this industry experience and knowledge gap that non-oil and gas professionals cannot fill. Could it be that we are stuck in the old paradigm of viewing our minerals as a personal asset or family legacy, instead of the financial asset they truly represent? It is one thing to consider a home or tract of land invaluable because generations grew up there, climbed in the trees, and caught their first fish. But minerals are nothing more than a substance in the ground that is either worth drilling and producing or NOT. Your minerals may become more valuable, or they may lose the majority of their value. It can change very fast, and that is the simple truth.

So how do you manage your minerals so that your family will have no regrets? We suggest you seek professional, experienced, trustworthy counsel. Caple Royalty Services evaluates your mineral estate so that we can provide options for achieving financial and stewardship goals that will hopefully please generations to come. Don’t go it alone. Give us a call!

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