Advisory, Evaluation & Negotiation Services for Oil & Gas Royalty Owners.

At Caple Royalty Services, our passion is enabling families and communities throughout Texas and across the nation to make the most of significant financial windfalls, empowering them to receive True Market Prices for their mineral assets in negotiations with oil and gas royalty buyers and exploration companies.


It can be confusing for mineral owners when negotiating with sophisticated buyers who have all the critical information that you don’t have access to.


Caple Royalty Services levels the playing field, acting as your advocate with true concern and proven care. We will negotiate with oil and gas companies on your behalf, providing the high level of petroleum industry experience and expertise that cannot be obtained from your bankers, lawyers and CPAs.


Founder Lee Caple is a former board member of the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO), and a Certified Mineral Manager, who proudly puts over three decades of expertise in the management of corporate and personal oil and gas interests to work for his clients. His experience includes mineral leasing in shale plays, extensive lease acquisitions, land management, exploration, large production sales, as well as non-profit service in areas of stewardship and life purpose for high net-worth individuals. The company’s primary contract petroleum engineer also brings a wealth of experience in reservoir engineering, gas processing, and production operations.


Caple Royalty Service’s mission is to give you the peace of mind that comes from making the best transaction possible, helping to ensure that you receive True Market Prices as a result of our Trusted Advice and Essential Evaluations. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Meet the Caple Royalty Team


Lee Caple


Lee Caple draws from four decades of experience in the management of corporate and personal oil and gas interests in order to provide outstanding service and results for our clients. His experience includes mineral marketing, mineral appraisals, lease acquisitions, lease marketing on behalf of our clients, advisory and support related mineral management services, exploration, and large production sales. Having worked extensively in the non-profit world, Lee provides distinctively wholistic counsel to our clients, focusing upon our client’s personal and financial goals with consideration given to their risk tolerance and financial obligations.


Jim Holloway

Fractional CFO

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