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By Lee Caple

“The Caple team is very diligent and professional, and I would recommend them to any mineral owner. Their representation on the many lease and sales transactions on our behalf has added significant value to our interests. They are attentive to every detail and prompt in following through with every deal.”
—Guy McCrary, President & CEO, Permian Basin Area Foundation

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Caple Royalty Services offers oil and gas mineral rights consulting, marketing and negotiation services to individuals who desire to get the most return on their oil and gas mineral assets. Clients of Caple Royalty Services benefit from our thirty five years experience in understanding the intricate market dynamics and serving as a trusted advisor, enabling you to maximize your oil and gas mineral trades whether in up or down markets. Caple Royalty Services’ knowledge and long-standing relationships position to empower you with the peace of mind in knowing that you will find the right lessee or buyer of your mineral rights.


Whether your mineral and royalty interests are located in old producing fields or in the following horizontal drilling plays, Caple Royalty Services can assist you in obtaining True Market Prices. So, pick up the phone and call us today at: 214-254-4808 for a complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation by sending us an email.

West Texas / New Mexico Permian Basin

Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Avalon Shale, Sprayberry

North and South Texas

Eagleford Shale, Barnett Combo, Eaglebine

East Texas/North Louisiana

Haynesville Shale, Cotton Valley, Goodland Lime, Brown Dense

North Dakota


Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia

Marcellus, Utica, Triple Stack


Monterey Shale


Scoop, Stack, Springer Shale, Woodford Shale


Mississippi Lime


Fayetteville Shale


Powder River Basin


Brown Dense, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Cotton Valley


Black Warrior Basin, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale


Rockies, DJ Basin

Eastern Kentucky

Rogersville Shale

Caple Royalty Services - a Texas Mineral Rights Company


Caple Royalty Services was created to bridge an industry experience and knowledge gap that non-oil and gas professionals cannot fill. Could it be that we are stuck in the old paradigm of viewing our oil and gas minerals, royalties and reserves as a personal asset or family legacy, instead of the financial asset they truly represent? It is one thing to consider a home or tract of land invaluable because generations grew up there, climbed in the trees and caught their first fish. Minerals are nothing more than a substance in the ground that is either worth drilling and producing or NOT. Your minerals may become more valuable or they may lose the majority of their value. This can change very fast, and that is the simple truth.


Almost three years after writing the article below about oil prices collapsing, we find ourselves dealing with WTI oil prices stuck in a price range of $40-$50 per barrel of oil. As we said then, price cycles can take a long time, and it is starting to feel like it has been forever ago! There have been some significant developments over the last couple of years for the remaining active oil and gas plays in the U.S.:

  • Technology improvements have greatly enhanced the productivity of wells, and more improvements are likely
  • Operators have been able to cut their drilling and completion expenses significantly making their operations profitable at lower oil prices, keeping more rigs active
  • Because of the above, we now live in a country with more oil and natural gas than we need, so the hopes for $100 oil and $5 natural gas seem dim
  • Oil and Gas Mineral and Royalty transaction prices have reached dizzying levels, which has drawn an influx of willing sellers into the marketplace, and resulted in a backlog of evaluation work to be done by the prospective buyers
  • At this writing, there is a slight softening of mineral and royalty prices because the supply of acquisition opportunities is forcing buyers to carefully compare their opportunities, looking for the biggest bang for the buck.

So, what does this mean for you, the mineral and royalty owner? We have never counseled owners on whether they should sell or not sell their minerals. We believe the most dangerous counsel or ‘family tradition’ is that you should never sell your minerals. We have seen unnecessary family disharmony over this matter, particularly since minerals are most often owned as individual undivided portions (ie. heir’s portion) of the entire mineral estate of the subject land. And, there is too much emotion tied to these decisions.

Having experienced numerous booms and busts in the oil and gas business, and having lived to tell it, we offer some quick guidelines:

  1. If you are independently wealthy, and your minerals represent high growth potential (naturally accompanied by high risk of loss) as part of your financial portfolio, and this portion of your portfolio could drop significantly in value without undermining your financial security, there is little reason to sell unless:a. You want to clean up your estate for your heirs
    b. You manage your finances as a steward with the hope that future generations or your Creator will be pleased with your decisions
  2. Oil and gas are commodities, and commodities represent some of the highest risk investments in the financial world. Avoid betting the farm on the belief that oil and gas will always be as valued as it is today. Don’t forget the technological advancements we have seen in just the last twenty years, nor the likely future advancements that will have great impact on the delicate, inflexible supply/demand balance that determines the prices of oil and gas daily
  3. Know yourself! If you are being offered a significant amount of money for your minerals, would you be miserable if you sold, and then the value of those minerals increased after you sold, OR would you be miserable if you turned down the money only to see the offers disappear as oil and gas prices declined. You have to live with your decision, so do what brings peace of mind.
  4. If your mineral and royalty interests represent a disproportionately large portion of your financial portfolio, or if you have substantial debt or college expenses to bear, it is prudent to consider selling some portion of your mineral assets to secure your finances. Selling in a boom market is always the hardest, but best time to sell. If you wait until the market cycles down further, then you may not even have the option to sell because no buyers are willing to invest.
  5. And if you need to sell, use an experienced advisor and marketing agent. Caple Royalty Services considers it a great privilege and responsibility to market and sell your mineral interests.
    If you find your situation described in the first guideline, be thankful! If you find your situation described in the fourth guideline, be thankful, too! You have assets that can easily be sold to pay off debts and school loans, and improve your finances.

Give us a call or write us an email to learn more about your options. We look forward to serving you!


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