Caple Royalty Services offers a comprehensive approach to mineral management that ensures your rights are actively managed, not just maintained. Minerals may represent a large proportion of your total assets yet receive significantly less management than your other investments. Through our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, CRS fully maximizes this high potential asset class for our clients.




We work with individuals, families, trusts and organizations to help them navigate the changing landscape of oil and natural gas. New clients receive a thorough evaluation of their mineral interests, a review of area permit and drilling activities and an overview of lease and sale opportunities. We leverage state-of the art mapping and data analytics to provide reliable intelligence for the development of a mineral management strategy.




Caple Royalty actively manages all aspects of your mineral rights:

Many mineral owners find that their interests have stagnated for lack of active management. Unfortunately, it is common for corporate trustees and managers to only react to third-party communications, instead of initiating transactions necessary to optimize oil and gas income.

CRS will evaluate your mineral positions and actively pursue the best returns on your oil and gas portfolio by:

  • Verifying accuracy of royalty payments
  • Preventing unauthorized deductions to royalty payments
  • Demanding operators conform to legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Negotiating leases and mineral sales utilizing real-time market data
  • Performing comparative analysis of nearby leasing and drilling activities
  • Transparently communicating to clients on market conditions that impact their mineral interests
  • Providing regular revenue and acreage status statements
  • Offering mineral appraisals for probate, gifting, divorce settlements or other transfers of interests
“A big shout out to Lee Caple at Caple Royalties. Having you represent our family royalties was one of the best decisions we have ever made…. We could not have gotten better results. We sincerely appreciate your professionalism and honesty.”
— Phil and Donna H., Reeves County, TX

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Mineral Rights Management for Individuals | Caple Royalty Services

Mineral Management for Individuals

We help individuals and families by analyzing their lease agreement to maximize production royalties.

Mineral Rights Management for Organizations

Mineral Management for Organizations

Does your organization have a unique mission that relies on a secure mineral strategy? Let us evaluate your assets and to ensure your short and long term objectives are met.

Mineral Rights Evaluations

Preliminary Evaluations

The start of our service is a comprehensive review of your situation and your royalties. We will ensure everything is structured to maximize value for your royalty.

Mineral Rights Dispute Resolution | Caple Royalty Services

Dispute Resolution

Royalties contracts can be complex, and the cost of bad management can be steep. Our team of experienced professionals will help you navigate difficult situations.

Mineral Rights Litigation Support | Caple Royalty Services

Litigation Support

Need a hand during a sticky situation? Our experts help attorneys present a clear position using thorough research and data analytics.

Mineral Rights Ad Valorem Tax Support | Caple Royalty Services

Ad Valorem Tax Support

Concerned that your royalty is not valued correctly? Let us help you review appraisals and make recommendations for any seemingly over-valued royalty.

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Let’s talk about your unique situation and how we can help you maximize the value of your royalties:

Lee Caple | Founder of Caple Royalty Services

Lee Caple

Founder of Caple Royalty Services

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Preliminary Evaluations Include


  • Division Order Review
  • Lease Summary (Royalty)
  • Check Detail Maintenance
  • Field Data Maintenance



Revenue and Expense Tracking: CRS tracks your revenue and deductions to make sure you’re being paid correctly.

Revenue Recovery: CRS will identify wells on your property that you are not being compensated for and recover the revenue that you are owed.



CRS will monitor nearby activity, expired leases and let you know, on a scheduled basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) what is happening around your interests. CRS will confirm you are being paid correctly and where able, increase your monthly revenue streams.


GIS & Land

CRS has state-of-the-art mapping for digital scale and graphics to help our clients better understand their mineral royalties.

CRS leverages data analytics and extensive expertise to provide reliable intelligence and sound guidance. Our full-service capabilities enable our firm to support you every step of the way, as your assets and needs change.


Well & Lease Data

CRS will provide clients with lease and unitization updates effecting their mineral interests.

Mineral Management for Family Offices and Individuals


Caple Royalty Services maximizes the terms of each lease trade through its proven “Lease Marketing” and lease agreement negotiation procedures, and subsequently reconciles the royalty provisions of the oil and gas lease with royalty payments, field operations, the raw back up obtained from the operator and publicly available information from the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Comptroller.


Since royalty payment accuracy is critical for maximizing the value of your production royalty, CRS coordinates its efforts with this over-arching consideration. The royalty provisions are arguably the most important of the lease and dictate how the oil company is required to pay royalties.


Key points, such as metering, measuring, volume calculations, methodology, quality analysis and pricing, are critical in determining proper royalty payments.

Mineral Management for Organizations


Our services can benefit banks (trust managers), CPA’s, institutions, financial planners, attorneys and foundations


CRS can help craft, guide and support your organization’s mineral strategy

Every nonprofit seeking to fulfill its mission and service its community faces periods of uncertainty in its lifecycle, especially when it comes to dealing with mineral transactions. Questions surrounding compliance can be more complicated for tightly regulated entities than for traditional individual or commercial buyers and sellers.



Each mineral transaction should begin with a thorough evaluation of the asset in question. Caple would examine if there are any burdens, title concerns, market considerations, restrictions or debt obligations tied to a mineral interest that would prevent a smooth transition during a donation or future sale or that may affect ongoing management. The interest should then be financially evaluated to ensure that the property ownership supports the organization’s vision, short-term and long-term objectives.



Before beginning any mineral or real estate transaction, it is important to consider the ways in which your nonprofit organization’s objectives can be closely aligned with its overall mission. For instance, a property’s overall revenue or potential sale price can play a major role in determining how effectively an organization will be able to serve its community.


Fiduciary Responsibility

Oil and gas are commodities and therefore, oil and gas minerals and royalties are high risk and speculative in nature. As a nonprofit organization takes stock of each component of a mineral ownership or pending transaction, it must consider its fiduciary responsibility to make decisions that benefit the long-term stability of the organization.


Ancillary Characteristics

The characteristics of a mineral asset can have a significant impact on the people who are stakeholders in your organization. In the case of a nonprofit enterprise, the ownership of these assets should tie into the mission of the organization and help further its agenda, financially support the mission and agenda, and not detract from the organizations image or credibility in that mission and agenda.


Holistic Solutions

The pieces that make up a mineral transaction for a nonprofit entity will not be in harmony with one another unless each component is considered for how it impacts the whole. For instance, financial considerations must take into account possible tax concerns, budget needs and forecasting, financing options and donor intent.



Accepting a mineral interest donation, selling an interest, or signing a long-term lease can indicate the strength and stability of a nonprofit organization. Once a monthly royalty payment is established, or a sales price realized, your organization can focus its budget and resources on the important services it provides to its serviced community.



Finalizing a transaction of any kind helps an organization establish its presence in a community. A church or other organization will become a hub of activity, improving community cohesion and providing support to their local area.


Tax Benefits

Organizations that fall under the 501(c)(3) designation qualify for any number of local, state, and/or national tax benefits. According to IRS regulations, nonprofits are exempt from paying federal taxes, sales and property taxes. Some states may even provide relief to nonprofit organizations for payroll taxes.



Owning property is a way for nonprofits to gain control over their finances, generate additional income by leasing unused portions, or leverage assets to strengthen an investment portfolio.


Increased Donor Commitment

A wisely executed mineral sale is a signal to donors of a nonprofit’s long-term strength and its commitment to achieving mission goals and meeting strategic objectives.

Other Specialized Services Include

Dispute Resolution

CRS professionals are experienced in complex negotiations and resolutions of disputes. We help our clients identify and resolve breaches of the lease, avoiding litigation whenever possible.


Litigation Support

CRS experts work with oil and gas attorneys and litigators to present a clear substantiated position and/or damage model through research, analysis and formatting of data.


AD VALOREM Tax Support

CRS will review appraisal valuations for our clients and make recommendations for protest of any over-valued royalty and make tax payments of behalf of our clients.

Questions? Let’s talk about your unique situation.

“Like many who inherit mineral rights, I knew very little about them or their value. I was overwhelmed with unsolicited offers to buy my mineral rights at a wide range of prices. When I did decide to sell, I wanted some expert advice, and an internet search led me to Caple Royalty Services. Lee Caple took all the time needed to help me understand how the process worked. Every step of the process played out exactly as he said it would. I was able to sell a portion of my mineral rights at approximately double the amount per acre of the highest offers I had received in the mail. I will be calling Lee for all my needs related to my remaining mineral rights in the future.”
— Paul, Pecos County, Texas
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