The Sky Is Not Falling

I’ve been taught to buy low and sell high, but picking up some cheap oil stocks in the darkest days of the Covid-19 shutdown after oil prices went negative, was one of the harder investment decisions I’ve made. Even though I have a healthy skepticism about EVERYTHING we see in the media these days, the 24/7 bombardment that the sky is falling and the world never being the same again made KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON a more challenging slogan to apply than I would have suspected.

We’ve written before that no energy agencies have a crystal ball regarding oil inventories and prices, so temper your enthusiasm about the EIA projecting oil markets balancing sooner than expected. There are so many factors in play that may make oil and gas a rough ride for quite a while; however, please know that if you need to raise some cash, properly marketing a portion or your minerals or royalty may yield offers closer to those received prior to the crash than you would expect. As always, our marketing agreements don’t require you to accept any offers, regardless of how good the offers are. Give us a call! Our counsel is always based upon your needs, seasoned by our combined sixty plus years of oil and gas experience. Yes, it’s not the best time to sell, but its not the worst either.


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