Leasing Mineral Rights

The single most challenging mineral transaction that you will ever make is the leasing of your minerals for exploration and development. If you thought you got it all figured out during the last leasing boom, guess what, the game has changed, and will continue to evolve as oil and gas litigation brings new interpretations of mineral conveyances and lease provisions. You may have to live with your oil and gas lease for many decades, so you want to structure the terms in a wise manner.


Caple Royalty Services uses our experience and expertise to maximize your lease trade by:

  • making sure that all of the potentially interested exploration companies have the opportunity to make offers for your lease
  • negotiating top of the market bonus and royalty
  • understanding the value of your lease in order to avoid hard trading that leads to exploration companies excluding your interest from their drilling block
  • protecting your mineral rights with lease provisions that address concerns such as:
    • minimizing acreage and depths held by production beyond the primary term
    • minimizing deductions from your royalties
    • timely payment of royalties
    • well defined continuous operations clause
    • shut-in royalty limitations
    • surface damages
    • ingress and egress
    • use of water
    • pollution control
    • fenced locations

Our compensation is structured to provide a win-win result as we work together. In the event you have been made a lease offer by an oil and gas company (the base offer), we will research your mineral position in the geological play, and through our lease marketing process, secure competitive offers for your lease within approximately four weeks. If an oil and gas company says they have to know in less time, that is usually clear evidence that a better offer can be obtained if properly marketed.


You receive all of the bonus money and royalty in your initial base offer, plus seventy-five percent of the increase in bonus and royalty above and beyond the base offer. If we are not able to secure improved lease offers, you will have the benefit of our research and not owe us anything.


Here are some client comments about our services:

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